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·       Once you have completed your application, we will assess your request to any existing cats/kittens that we have available.  Submission of an application does not guarantee that a cat/kitten will be placed with you, because many factors must be taken into consideration. We will contact you and organise a visit for you to view the cat/kitten at our home.  (Please note: this process is typically what can be expected, but may be altered from time-to-time, depending on circumstances).

·       If there are no cats/kittens immediately available after you have submitted your application, we will put your name on a waiting list for the type of cat/kitten you have requested.  No deposit will be required at this time.

·       If you are awaiting a kitten from a future litter, we will notify you when that litter is due and has arrived. 

·       When we breed our cats, it is for the purpose of improving the standard of the next generation of our kittens in order that they may be exhibited in cat shows, as well as becoming a member of our family.  We do not breed our cats solely to produce pets for future owners.  However, only a few of the kittens from the litter will be deemed to be show potential and the remaining kittens are available to potential owners as high quality pets.  Therefore, from birth to approximately six weeks of age, the kittens will be going through an evaluation, to determine those which will be available as pets and/or show - neuter potential kittens and those available as show - breeding potential cats.  Most likely, you will be invited to view the kittens at approximately six weeks and older, if a kitten in the litter meets your criteria and is available.  Some of the kittens may have been promised to a prospective owner who has been waiting longer than you or have been selected by us to remain in our home.

·       Those kittens designated as pet or show neuter potential, will not be eligible to go to their new home until they have received their first two vaccinations (out of a total of 3), have been desexed and micro-chipped.  The kitten will be around 12 weeks of age at that time. Their new owner will take the kitten to his or her Vet for its third vaccination.  Kittens come with a six month health guarantee (conditions apply-see sales contract details). If the new owner chooses not to follow-through with required vaccinations and a health review from their Vet, they understand that the health guarantee will become null and void.  Pedigrees will be provided with the kittens designated as Pet potential.

·       Those kittens designated as Show – Neuter or Entire males/females,  will follow the process above for pet or show neuter potential kittens and will be provided registration papers as well as the pedigree.

·       A sales contract will be provided upon pick-up of the cat or kitten.


Kittens will go through an evaluation (as described above) which will determine the price for that particular kitten.  Some typical attributes which may impact pricing could be the kitten’s show or breeder potential, age, colour, pattern, sex, etc.  Therefore, we establish a price range which the potential owners are aware of in advance, before they make their application. Before the prospective Buyers come to see the kittens, they will be advised in advance the price established for each kitten available for sale.


Price Range

·       PET potential – $1500

·       Show – Neuter potential – from $1500 to $2000

·       Entire Females -  $4000 to $6000

·       Entire Males - $4500 - $7000 

* All kittens are sold with a sales contract which contains a Health Warranty.  Entire kittens are sold with a sales contract which contains some restrictions.



Once you have visited your potential kitten (usually five to six weeks of age), you will have the opportunity to decide if that is the kitten for you.  If you have fallen in love with the kitten and want us to save that kitten for you until it is around 12 weeks of age, then you will be required to leave a non-refundable deposit of $500.


We understand that this may appear to be a strict and rigorous process but experience has taught us that those sincere about getting a beautiful, high quality kitten will participate with this due-diligence process.  There is merit to the saying which goes:  “There are good things for those who wait”


(Pricing, Visitation and other information are at the bottom of the Application Form)

Thank you for your interest in one of our precious Bengal cats/kittens.  These lovely cats have become one of our family, therefore, it is very important that we do the best we can to match them with a compatible new owner.  The Bengal cat is not for everyone; therefore we encourage you to do as much research as possible to become informed as to their characteristics, needs and sometimes, demands, before you submit your application with us.  It is very emotionally unsettling for all, if a new owner discovers these characteristics as they adjust to their new pet, (rather than beforehand) only to discover, that these characteristics do not fit into their home/life, therefore requiring the pet to be re-homed.  We apologise if you find our application request for information a bit intrusive and possibly requesting too much personal information.  It is important that we conduct the proper level of due diligence, in order to insure that our cats/kittens go to homes with the proper accommodation and means of  support as required of any responsible pet owner.