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If you have come to this section of our website, you most likely have spent many years breeding and exhibiting cats and in particular…are interested in the Bengal cat.  Furthermore, you are now very familiar with the breeding and behavioural traits of the Bengal.  If you have been doing this for many years, you will have come across the many joys and challenges in breeding.  Specifically, you will have learned that special breeding facilities are required for the housing and management of the breeding studs and queens. You will have also provided the baby kittens a beginning in your home, to insure the socialisation of the young kittens and juveniles to life with people in their home. You have also learned about the HUGE expense needed to support the husbandry and health management of this lovely breed and the ever-increasing demands and expense of state and cat association regulation and licencing.  Then, there is the management of the demands and expectations of the new kitten owners.  Most are very happy and satisfied with their new Bengal and that makes all of our blood, sweat and tears as Breeders, well worth it.  If you have been able to survive all of that and still have the zest and passion of improving the standard of the silver Bengal within your program, we invite you to read on.
AJAYS Philosophy Regarding Collaboration with Breeders
Why do some people want to breed Bengals?
To enjoy the beauty of creating new life and see what it will produce, as well as giving the children in the family, the experience of seeing new kittens being born;
To produce pets for the pet industry;
To make money;
To breed and produce many types of pets, dogs, cats, horses, birds  because it is so interesting and rewarding to them;
To create a designer-breed of cat by crossing many different types of purebreds to see what they can create;
To improve the standard of the Bengal breed, with occasional benchmarking of their progress by exhibiting their Bengals at cat shows.

AJAYS Silver Bengals falls into the latter category above (#6). Our philosophy and objective is to breed better Bengals.  In order to know if we are on the right track, we must occasionally show our Bengals on the show bench. This allows an independent assessment by a knowledgeable Judge.  It also allows us to view where our Bengals stand in comparison to the other Bengals being exhibited.  Our belief is that if one does not do so from time-to-time, they may develop what is commonly called ‘cattery blindness’. Therefore, if your objective for breeding Bengals is number (s) 1 – 5 above, your philosophy and objective may not be in alignment with where we want our Bengals to go.  We do not judge you as right or wrong but merely that it will not be in alignment with our objective.
Collaboration with AJAYS Bengals
We welcome expressions of interest from like-minded Bengal Breeders. Our approach is to identify and establish a network of sincere, ethical and enthusiastic silver Bengal Breeders. They should have similar philosophies/goals and willing to share/collaborate. Prospective owners an AJAYS kitten or cat should be willing to undertake a process of getting to know one another. It is important that decisions are not undertaken impulsively or under pressure.
Throughout the years, we discovered the above process underpins a successful collaboration by Breeders. We will explain each of the criteria and its intent in the next sections.
The Application:
The application allows you to introduce your family & household, your cattery program, your successes, history and aspirations for breeding silver Bengals. You can also explain where you think an AJAYS Bengal may contribute to your program and the type of kitten/cat you would like to obtain from us. You may either submit an email of introduction or if you wish, request an application form from us.
Open & Accepting of AJAYS Inquiries & Decisions:
We accept in advance, that because we are small and not a large commercial operation, we cannot provide to all … and that we will never be able to “please all the people all the time”.  Unfortunately, this constraint will bring disappointment to some.  We have heard grumblings amongst exhibitors and other cat Breeders that the reason a Breeder will not sell them a kitten or cat is because they do not want to increase the competition against them.  At AJAYS, this is not the case at all.  In fact, we welcome additional competition because it keeps us sharp and continues to bring in more quality cats and Bengal Breeders.  This is especially important within Australia, where we have no common borders with other countries. As such, we are left to spend immense funds to bring in improved bloodlines from overseas.  WE want Australian Bengal Breeders to develop an abundance of quality silver Bengals in Australia whereas; the rest of the world comes to Australian Breeders for quality silver Bengals.  To do so, we must have more Breeders of quality silver Bengals … and not less.
For those we are unable to accommodate at this time…there may be an opportunity in the future as things develop.  Therefore, please do not give up.
Confidentiality & Ethics Policy:
Almost all cat associations require their members sign the By-Laws & Ethics Policy for professional behaviour of the membership.  We believe this is a good practice and will embed similar guidelines in any Sale Contract for a AJAYS Kitten/Cat.
AJAYS Kitten/Cat Sale Contract:
Some may assert against the use of a Sale Contract because they believe it introduces mistrust at the beginning of the kitten/cat sale relationship. Others assert that it is a one sided, “self-serving” document, created in favour of the seller.  First-off, any contract should represent the rights and remedies to both the buyer & the seller. They agree to these at the beginning of a relationship when everything is friendly. Both must sign the contract, indicating that both understand the contract content and agree to abide by it. The Sale Contract document is created by the seller and typically covers their concerns, as well as the ones they believe may also be concerns of the buyer. All buyers are encouraged to seek legal assessment of the contract before signing. Sometimes, the seller will adopt a standard contract template offered by the cat association or another Breeder. However, situations are different for different people and changes to the standard contract document may require modification, to suit both the buyer and seller.  It is not untypical for a negotiation to ensue. However, at the end of the day…it is up to the seller to determine if they wish to modify the standard contract.  If they do not, they risk the loss of a sale. Therefore, both the buyer and seller always have a choice to proceed or not.
Bengal Breeders affiliated by TIBCS, FCCV and DEPI Victoria, mandate the use of a sale contract by its registered breeders. Other cat associations are quickly following suit.
In Summary:
We do not profess to be experts nor do we know everything about everything. However, our combined years of experience have taught us some things. We believe the above guidelines will start us off in the right journey but we will remain open to changes and recommendations for continuous improvement by our collaborative network.