Text Box: Studs

Our new silver import boy from Germany is finally here! We have nicknamed him “Sils”. He brings to our program new genetics and features, which will blend nicely with our foundation line of silver Bengals.  His photos say it all.  We are particularly pleased with his strong type and head features, as well as the striking clarity of his pattern and its colour contrast. As a plus...he is also glittered. He is such a fun boy, as he loves to entertain all . He was awarded his Champion title at the FCCV International Show under USA judges. He will now retire from the show bench to begin duties as a stud  cat. Sils is a ‘two-tone’ silver Bengal.

Text Box: “Sils” - as an adult
Now a new CHAMPION

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Sils & Dora—’raw’ photo in natural light

Our newest silver boy “Mo”  (pictured below) is here by courtesy of Sancheita Bengals in South Australia! He brings to our program, strong features and such a winning personality. His photos say it all.  We have included a photo taken outside, so you can see his true colour in natural light.  Mo is highly glittered and is a true ’two-tone’ coloured Bengal.  There is absolutely no brown coloured tint interspersed in the silver background colour of his coat. He has a lovely head type, with those big green eyes accented with black eyeliner.  We cannot wait to see what the next generation of AJAYS Bengal kittens look like from the combination of these two, very strong silver Bengal lines.