Text Box: Queens
Text Box: ECLIPSE 
“Eclipse” offers the extremely black features and markings of the silver Bengal.  She is so dark, that she may even seem to be a charcoal silver.  However, she is not. We had her DNA colour-tested to discover her true colour genetics.  Her ALC-type short ears, straight profile, long thick tail and strong profile are a Breeder’s delight! 
Text Box: DORA (below) 
“Dora” is of the first born at AJAYS Bengals and will remain as one of our foundation queens in our program.  Dora is a ‘two-tone’ silver Bengal. Beforehand, she will debut on the show bench.  At her first kitten show, she was greeted with great success and an encore of applause from the spectators and exhibitors at the show.  Dora WOW-ed the judges with her stunning looks and purrsonality.  Not all silver Bengals will have the beautiful ‘glitter’ integrated into their coat.  This absence is not considered a fault by the Bengal standard but it is such an added benefit when one does have the glitter.  Dora is one of the lucky silver Bengals and like her dad….she is dripping in glitter.

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Sils & Dora—’raw’ photo in natural light

Text Box: **** ANNOUNCING NEW CHAMPION **** Sparkle (below)
Introducing our 2017-2018 hopeful Sparkle. After a year of trials and competition at the cat shows, we are pleased to report Sparkle has been crowned a new Champion. She is a two-tone black/silver colour, with an exotic leopard-like pattern of flowing rosettes. She sports the desirable highly glittered satin pelt, which is so sleek and soft to the touch. Her conformation has a beautiful straight profile, small ears and a very strong chin. Sparkle is a real “purr machine” and loves anyone who will give her a pat.