Text Box: Links & Warnings About SCAMMERS
Text Box: Bengal Information
There is an immense amount of information about Bengals, which is readily available by searching the web.  However, I have found informative information from the POCKET LEOPARDS BENGAL cattery located in California, USA. This website not only has a huge amount of information and ideas but also contains great illustrative photos, so that the reader can see the points that the author is trying to make.  The pages were written by Terra of Pocket Leopards Bengals and instead of me re-creating the information and reprinting here, Terra has kindly granted permission to include a link from my website to hers.  Terra's website link:

Text Box: Allergies
From time-to-time, we are asked about people - allergies to cats.  Holly, from HDW Enterprises & Foothill Felines, has been kind enough to provide permission to share the well documented information from her website. Please click the following link for extensive information on pet allergies to humans:

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(The Warning below is being shared by Tara Sinclair from the Pocket Leopards Bengal Cattery in the USA. This has also happened to other reputable Bengal Breeders. We ask you to use the cautions listed below in order not to become the victim of a SCAMMER)


There is someone pretending to be Pocket Leopards Bengals and has stolen our banner and pictures and is stealing pictures of cats from other breeders to advertise cats/kittens they do not own. They then have people send deposits or pay for the kittens and the buyer never receives a kitten. Don't be a victim of a scammer! The following are ways to tell if you are likely dealing with a scammer or not.

1.) If the kittens are priced much lower than they should be, then it's probably a scam.

2.) Ask for the TICA (or if located in another country, the relevant cattery association member) number and name of the Cattery of the person you are buying from. Contact TICA (or relevant cat association) to make sure the cattery is registered with them. Confirm the cattery address and email address TICA has for the breeder match the address of the person you are corresponding with/sending money to. 

3.) If the seller does not have any contact information other than email, chances are they are a scammer.

4.) If the seller cannot answer direct questions about the cats AND the breed in general, chances are they are a scammer.

5.) If the seller will sell anyone a cat, even if they will not provide a good home for the cat, chances are they are a scammer. Test them to see if they will sell you a cat, even if you pretend to be a bad buyer.

6.) If the seller refuses to let you come see the kittens in person and insists on a delivery, chances are they are a scammer and they have no actual kittens to sell.

7.) If the seller will not let you use any form of payment other than a form of payment that cannot be disputed if you don't get a kitten, chances are they are a scammer.

8.) If the seller does not have registered names and information about the breeder cats he/she owns, chances are it is a scammer.


NOTE: It is your responsibility to conduct the proper level of due diligence to insure you are obtaining your AJAYS cat or kitten from us and not a SCAMMER. We are not responsible for any money sent to a scammer for a kitten/cat which they represent to be from AJAYS Bengals.


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