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Text Box: When we have a new litter of kittens, we will not advertise them for sale on-line until microchipped. We will select which kittens are to remain in our program (or made available on-loan to another Breeder) and the remaining will be available for re-homing into approved adoptive pet homes. Therefore, you are encouraged to complete the kitten application form below, in order to have a better chance of securing a kitten. They are very popular and go quickly.

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 *** FOR SALE ***

Desexed—Pet Kittens $1500;          Entire - Breeder Kittens $3500-$4000 

Retired Adult Cats—Desexed—$250-$500


FOR SALE: Bengal Male Kitten–(Silver Smoke Colour ) $1,500.00

(All Photos Were Taken With A Flash in Order to See its “Ghost” Pattern)  microchip #  956000006060488

For those looking for the unusual … this kitten may be for you. This little kitten was born on: 15/10/2017.  Both of his parents are the traditional silver black spotted/rosetted Bengals. Evidently though, they carry this rare hidden smoke colour gene for the Bengal breed and it pops out from time-to-time.  At first glance, the kitten looks like a Russian Blue kitten.  However, under special flash lighting, you can see the pattern of leopard spots/rosettes under the top layer of black/grey fur.  When the kitten gets older, he will get lighter and his colour will look like a sooty-grey smoke screen covering the rosetted pattern.  These shadow spots/rosettes are referred to as “ghost spots or rosettes”.  As an adult, the kitten will have very green eyes, which will be stunning against the contrast of a silver-black face.  At this early stage though, all kittens start with blue eyes.




Retired Silver Rosetted  Breeding Queen Named “Muffin” - DOB : 2015 microchip # 956000004494600

After desexing, can go to her new forever home (approximately end of December 2017)