Text Box: Kittens

If you have any other questions or the application Form will not open, please email us at: ajeps@dodo.com.au

Text Box: When we have a new litter of kittens, we will not advertise them on-line at first. We will select which kittens are to remain in our program (or made available on-loan to another Breeder) and the remaining will be available for re-homing into approved adoptive pet homes. Therefore, you are encouraged to complete the kitten application form below, in order to have a better chance of securing a kitten. They are very popular and go quickly.

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 *** FOR SALE ***

Desexed—Pet Kittens $1200- $1500; Entire - Breeder Kittens $3500-$4000 (to Registered Breeders)

Retired Adult Cats—Desexed—$250-$500


Text Box: Two-Tone Silver Male (below)
This little fellow with his ‘funky’ pattern has been entered in his first kitten shows and doing very well. We call him “Boof” and have decided to retain him in our program for a short while, to at least obtain one litter sired by him. Afterwards, we will make him available to a registered Bengal Breeder or desex him and offer him for sale to a pet home.  WE welcome any expressions of interest in this fellow by Bengal Breeders . His date of birth is January 2017 and he has a highly glittered silky pelt , with the sharp contrast of the black pattern on a soft silver/white background