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If you have any other questions or the application Form will not open, please email us at: ajeps@dodo.com.au

Text Box: When we have a new litter of kittens, we will not advertise them for sale on-line until microchipped. We will select which kittens are to remain in our program (or made available on-loan to another Breeder) and the remaining will be available for re-homing into approved adoptive pet homes. Therefore, you are encouraged to complete the kitten application form below, in order to have a better chance of securing a kitten. They are very popular and go quickly.

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 *** FOR SALE ***

Desexed—Pet Kittens $1500;          Entire - Breeder Kittens $3500-$4000 

Retired Adult Cats—Desexed—$250-$500


Text Box: **** ANNOUNCING NEW CHAMPION FOR SALE **** Sparkle (below)         After a year of trials and competition at the cat shows, we are pleased to report Sparkle has been crowned a new Champion. She is a two-tone black/silver colour, with an exotic leopard-like pattern of flowing rosettes. She sports the desirable highly glittered satin pelt, which is so sleek and soft to the touch. Her conformation has a beautiful straight profile, small ears and a very strong chin. Sparkle is a real “purr machine” and loves anyone who will give her a pat.  We will consider offering her for sale to a Registered Breeder.  It tears us apart to move her on, but she is genetically related  to our male stud cats and it is never advised to conduct close inbred matings. Sparkle will be a real enhancement to a serious Breeder’s program and we invite any expressions of interest to the email address above. Micro.#956000006093521
Text Box: **** ANNOUNCING NEW Litter in February 2018 **** 
The kittens in the photos below went to their new home in January 2018.  However, we have a new litter of silver spotted/rosetted due in February.  We are taking applications now for this next litter. Click for application below.