We have raised our children and they are living in the USA with families of their own.  Therefore, we surrounded ourselves with all sorts of wonderful pets to keep things just as lively and interesting.  My husband Arthur and I (Janet) have always grown up with pets in our lives.   In my younger years, I actively trained and exhibited many different breeds of dogs and horses.  Over 25 years ago, I used to breed and exhibit Himalayan and Persian cats while living in the USA.  I was born in the USA and Arthur was born in Australia.  We have lived and worked all over the world but are currently living in Australia.  When I retired from work, I always wanted to get back into breeding and exhibiting cats.  However, not wanting to get into the longhaired breeds again, I researched some of the newer short-haired breeds. Both Arthur and I became captivated with the Bengal and agreed in 2005 that was to be our breed. Whereas, we love all of the different coloured Bengals, we began with our first Bengals in the brown, silver and snow coloured varieties. It was only in 2015, we decided to focus solely on the silver varieties. 

  Our cattery is a hobby-based cattery. The facility for our juvenile cats/kittens is attached to our house.  This is where the young girls and kittens  reside. There are large outdoor enclosures for the breeding queens and stud cats to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, which are attached to a stand-alone cattery building. The cattery building is an in-door, environmentally controlled “cat palace”, complete with air conditioning and heating as well as running hot/cold water. To add to their entertainment is a stereo system and flat screen, LCD TV. All of the cats (except the breeding males who spray) spend some time socialising in the house with us but can occasionally be found with me out in the garden spending many hours tending to my many flowers, vegetables and fruits.

  We started building the set-up and acquiring our cats in mid-2005.  Therefore, our foundation cats are from some very great lines from the U.K, North America and Australia.  We are confident that from those lines, we are well-positioned to develop our own line of beautiful Bengals. 


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**** For The Fourth Year ****

WE Have Been Certified as an    Outstanding Cattery of Excellence by TICA


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BREEDER OF DISTINCTION by TIBCS **** For The Fourth Year ****


Actively DNA Testing to Insure PRA and PKdef Breeding Cats

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