WELCOME TO AJAYS Silver Bengals (formerly known as BUNJAYS Bengals)

Welcome to our website and the showcasing of the beautiful silver Bengal.  Some first confuse the silver Bengal with the snow leopards seen in the Zoo.  When they contact us, they will often ask if we have any snow Bengal kittens, (when they actually mean silver Bengals).  The black/dark grey and white Bengals are silver Bengals. They have the similar colour and markings of a snow leopard. The ivory and misty brown marked Bengals are typically the snow Bengals. (For more information about different colours and patterns, see Bengal Info)





We were asked by Bengal Breeders in both Australia and the USA, to take on the challenge of improving and developing a top standard line of silver spotted/rosetted Bengals.  When this request was also echoed by international judges, we took the challenge seriously. We invite you to follow our progress over the coming years. As a hobby Breeder, there will only be a few litters a year. We invite other experienced breeders of the silver spotted (rosetted) Bengals, to send expressions of interest for networking and participation towards improving the standard of the silver spotted Bengals. Read more about our approach under the tab ‘Breeder Info‘.


PET KITTENS (Desexed – Spayed/Neutered)

AJAYS Bengals is fortunate to have a licenced Veterinarian who makes monthly house-calls, in order to insure the health and welfare of our Bengal family. Silver Bengal kittens are an expensive pet because of the cost involved in the importation of their parents, exhibition, health and social welfare of the kittens. The starting price of one of these life-long family pets from reputable, registered Breeders may range on average, between $1200-$1500. A Registered Breeder should send kittens to their new homes, no earlier than 11-12weeks of age. As a minimum, the kitten should come with desexing, microchipping, age appropriate vaccinations, common parasite treatments, registration/pedigree certificates, final Health Certificate and a Health Warranty in a Kitten Sale Contract.  Sale contracts are required by Victorian statutory legislation.


BREEDING KITTENS (Entire and Intact)

Because we are just starting our program with the objective of improving the type standard, health and temperament of the silver Bengal, we regret that we will not be in a position to mentor and place an entire (breeder) kitten into a beginner or novice Bengal breeding program at this time.  We invite you to check with us in a few years though, once our program and availability of quality silver Bengals has become more mature. 


NOTE: AJAYS Silver BENGALS has been established as a silver Bengal hobby breeding and exhibition program.  

We are not a commercial cat breeding business.

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All Breeding Cats Screened ‘negative’ for HCM by: Dr. R. Woolley,

(Specialist Cardiologist )

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